Offender Education Services
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Need to complete a court-ordered class?  We offer:

  • DWI Education 
  • Drug Offender Education
  • DWI Intervention
  • Texas Youth Tobacco Awareness Classes

Serving Liberty County, Texas and surrounding areas.              


Located in Liberty, TX. Don't put it off!

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Welcome to Offender Education Services!

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We offer these State Approved Education Classes:

  • Texas DWI Education Program
  • Texas Drug Offender Education Program
  • Texas DWI Intervention Program
  • Texas Youth Tobacco Awareness Program

(Price List Below) 

These classes meet probation, DPS,  and court requirements. 


Each participant will receive a Texas State Certificate of Completion that will be accepted by DPS for reinstatement of your Driver's License upon completion of the course.

Ask about our Payment Plans!

DWI Education    $80.00

Drug Offender Education    $130.00

DWI Intervention    $275.00

Texas Youth Tobacco Awareness Program $100.00

($2.00 fee added to credit card payments)